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■ Complete sets of equipment and equipment for petroleum and chemical industry

■ Sealing equipment and accessories

■ Techniques and equipment for oil refining

■ Heat transfer, refrigeration and ventilation equipment

■ PLC, DCS control system

■ Environmental protection, energy saving equipment

■ Petrochemical Technology and technology

■ Separation, drying, crushing and mixing equipment

■ Fluid machinery technology and equipment

■ Industrial cleaning and corrosion protection technology materials and equipment

■ Industrial explosion protection products

■ Environmental protection in chemical process

■ Storage and transportation, transportation equipment and packaging technology

■ New technology and new equipment of clean production in chemical industry

■ Automation technology and equipment, instrument and meter

■ Water treatment and sewage treatment

■ Petrochemical products and advanced materials

■ Industrial waste gas recovery and control technology and equipment

■ Petroleum and petrochemical research and laboratory technology equipment

■ Industrial smoke and dust control technology and equipment

■ Communication and information systems, electronic commerce

■ Indoor air purification

■ Electrical and electric equipment, electric wire and cable products

■ Solid waste treatment equipment

■ Sales system and facilities (gas, filling station equipment)

■ Industrial cleaning and other production processes, emission reduction technologies and equipment

■ Equipment maintenance, maintenance and management

■ Chemical waste residue treatment and resource utilization

■ Process and technology of oil refining

■ Industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment

■ Fuel and lubricating oil technology and equipment

■ Chemical water treatment technology and equipment

■ Generator set and power machinery equipment

■ Integrated water treatment technology solutions

■ Oil and gas recovery technology and equipment

■ Fire alarm equipment industrial safety and labor protection supplies

■ Boiler pressure vessel equipment

■ Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline construction

■ Auxiliary and other equipment