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The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry for China’s economy, contributes to a large economic aggregate, is featured with a wide industrial chain, and a wide range of related areas. Its development is related to the security and stability of the national energy industry, as well as the well-being of the domestic people. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of 2035 Vision Goals, the petrochemical industry should take reform and innovation as a fundamental driving force, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop new chemical materials and fine chemicals, while boosting the digital transformation of the industry, improving the level of essential safety and reduce carbon emission during production, in order to achieve quality efficient and dynamic changes.

cippe Shanghai organizing committee will organize the 2024 International Petrochemical Industry Forum, 2024 Micro-chemical Technology Forum and Micro-channel Equipment Development and Application Seminar, and 2024 Evaporation and Crystallization Technology Innovation and Development Forum. We are committed to providing a professional, high-end and innovative technology exchange platform for the petrochemical industry, promoting cutting-edge research and scientific and technological innovation in the petrochemical field, and promoting the development of international cooperation.

The forums will focus on the development issues facing the petrochemical industry under the new situation, covering topics such as promoting decarbonization, pollution reduction, green transition and efficiency improvement of petrochemical industry, integration of digitalization and intelligence, and promote the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry. Industry experts, business leaders, scholars and technicians will be invited to discuss how to solve the structural contradictions and the development direction of new quality productivity, as well as the driving force of innovation in the petrochemical industry.

Theme I: Policy Interpretation and Industry Trends
09:30-09:50 The Impact of New National Policies on Petrochemical Enterprises
09:50-10:10 Petrochemical Enterprises to Develop New Quality Productivity
10:10-10:30 Technical Solutions for Comprehensive Utilization of Refining, Chemical and Energy
10:30-10:50 Carbon Neutral Methods for Enterprises to Achieve Green-Petrochemical Development
Theme II: Safety and Environmental Protection in Production
11:00-11:20 Green, Efficient and Independent New Technologies and Processes for Refinery Catalysts
11:20-11:40 Technology and Equipment for VOC, Waste and Sewage Treatment in Petrochemical Parks
11:40-12:00 Safety Protection and Hazardous Chemical Detection Technology in Petrochemical Industry
12:00-13:40 Lunch
Theme III: New Product/New Technology Promotion
14:00-16:00 Call for Presentations

Sub-Forum I: 2024 Micro-chemical Technology Forum and Micro-channel Equipment Development and Application Seminar

Sub-Forum II: 2024 Evaporation and Crystallization Technology Innovation & Development Forum

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