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CHEMMP Will Exhibit on cippe2020 with Its Star Product--Canned Motor Pump

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ZHANGJIAGANGCHEMMPPUMPCO.,LTD.isaprofessionalcompanyengage inresearch&development, design, production and test of canned motor pump. Wehave excellent research & development and designing teams and excellent testingequipment, which provides necessary guarantee for producing high qualityproducts.

The idea of our company is to be a people-oriented and finding out individuals’potentialities, developing high-efficient, energy-saving and durable products constantly.Accompanied by safety, environmental protection, health and products quality goingthroughout the company's concept of operation, we can provide super-value services for our customers.

Our advanced designing canned motor pumps are leak-free, because of this advantage, wesuccessfully solve the problems of leakage in fluid transportation. The pumps have became theirreplaceable products in environmental protection engineering. it is widely used in petroleum,chemical, refrigeration, air conditioning, aerospace, nuclear industry and other fields. Ourcompany has been a long-term partner in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical, tile, etc., andsome products have been exported to foreign countries.

Structure of canned motor pump

Canned motor pump, a new form of liquid transfer which is widely used in the industry of chemical, pharmaceutical ,textile, nuclear power industry and refrigeration. Its ingenious structure determines its excellent performance. Its mainstructure and characteristics:Canned motor can, which can ensure that the stator assembly, rotor assembly not to be corroded by the transportedmedium. It is welded hermetically by high-strength, corrosion resistant, high resistance and non-magnetic high-qualitystainless steel sheet. In the process of welding and shaping ,special equipment and techniques are used. Finally, we test itif there is any leakage of the weld by argon, so the can is absolutely leak- proof.

In the canned motor, the graphite sliding bearing treated with impregnated epoxy resin is used, which has good corrosionresistance, high wear resistance, heat resistance and low friction coefficient; there are lubrication and cooling grooves inthe inner and end faces of the graphite bearing to ensure the medium being lubricate and cool. The graphite bearing andthe shaft sleeve constitute wear-resistant suit, shaft sleeve is made of stainless steel basely. The surface is hardened byStellite , so that can form a high wear-resistant suit.

Advanced hydraulic model and precise cast are applied with the impeller. The dynamic balance of head is testedstrictly, so that the head is high-efficient and operates stably .The structure is simple and compact with the building block principle. So it is convenient forinstallation and maintenance.