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Exhibits Profile

Petrochemical Plant and Equipment; Petroleum Refining Technology and Equipment; DCS, PLC Control System; Petrochemical Process and Technology; Petrochemical Products and Advanced Materials; Petrochemical Research and Laboratory Equipment; Petroleum Refining Process; Equipment Overhaul, Maintenance and Management;

Fluid Machinery
Fluid Engineering Equipment

Fluid Delivery Pipes and Fittings; Machinery Parts; Fluid Transfer Machinery; Fluid Processing Equipment; Fluid System; Fluid Seals; Steam Turbines; Turbines; Blade Turbine; Air Separation Plants; Vacuum Equipment; Blowers; Associated Equipment;


Centrifugal Pumps; Metering Pumps; Chemical Pumps; Oil Pumps; Process Pumps; Sewage Pumps; Vortex Pumps; Self-Priming Pumps; Multistage Pumps; Corrosion-Resistant Pumps; Pneumatic Pumps; Vacuum Pumps; Pipeline Pumps; Submerged Pumps; Magnetic Pumps; Gear Pumps; Screw Pump; Circular pump; High Viscosity Pump; Other Special Pumps, Pump Accessories and Supporting Instruments;


Solenoid Valve; Gate Valve; Shut-Off Valve; Throttle Valve; Gauge Valve; Plunger Valve; Diaphragm Valve; Plug Valve; Ball Valve; Butterfly Valve; Check Valve; Reducing Valve; Safety Valve; Regulating Valve; Bottom Valve; Drain Valve; Flange;

Valve Parts

Electric Actuators; Pneumatic Actuators; Hydraulic Actuators; Positioner; Valve Body; Hand Wheels; Bolts; Springs; Seals; Gaskets; Position Transmitters;

Solid Waste Disposal
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycle

Industrial Waste Treatment; Hazardous Waste treatment; Mining Waste Treatment; Radioactive Waste Treatment; Marine Dumping/Offshore Incineration; Landfill/Deep Well Perfusion; Soil Ion Exchange; Microbial Degradation; Osmotic treatment; Solid Waste Crushing; Cleaning Equipment; Inspection Control/ Sampling Analysis; Recycling and Reuse;

Sludge Treatment / Material Dehydration

Sludge Treatment Equipment; Sludge Residue Dehydration; Blower; Centrifuge; Filter Press; Air Compressor; Dehydration Machine; Sludge Digestion; Deep Dehydration; Sludge Reuse; Sludge Treatment Equipment; Instrumentation; Others;

Sewage/Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Grid / Screen / Water Decanter; Mixing Equipment; Solid-Liquid Separation Equipment; Sand Suction Machine /Mud Scraper / Suction Machine; Oil-Water Separation Equipment; Air Flotation Equipment; Electrolytic Treatment; Aeration Equipment; Water Treatment Equipment; Ultraviolet, Aerobic/Anaerobic Treatment Equipment; Others;

Soil Remediation

Thermodynamic Repair Technology; Thermal Desorption Repair Technology; Incineration Technology; Landfill; Chemical Leaching; Traditional Composting; Phytoremediation; Permeable Reactive Barrier; Bio-remediation; Chemical Remediation; Physical Remediation;

Exhibits Profile Exhibits Profile Exhibits Profile
Exhibits Profile Exhibits Profile
Explosion-Proof Electric

Explosion-Proof Electric; Industrial Explosion-Proof Products; Communication and Information System Management; E-commerce; Explosion-Proof Liquid Level Controller; Explosion-Proof Hydraulic Parts; Explosion-Proof Air Conditioning Refrigeration System; Explosion-Proof Gas Detection Equipment; Explosion-Proof Electromagnetic Starter; Explosion-Proof Electric Heater; Explosion-Proof Gas Purification System; Explosion-Proof Wireless Network Data Controller; Explosion-Proof Sound and Light Alarm Device; Explosion-Proof Solenoid Valve; Explosion-Proof Junction Box; Explosion-Proof Button and Switch; Explosion-Proof Electromagnetic Flowmeter; Explosion-Proof Plug-In Device; Explosion-Proof Lighting; Explosion-Proof Signal, Sign and Indicator Light; Explosion-Proof Marking Lamp; Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitter; Explosion-Proof Communication Signal Controller; Explosion-Proof Display Instrument; Explosion-Proof Electronic Device; Explosion-Proof Wireless Controller; Explosion-Proof Mobile Substation; Explosion-Proof Thermal Resistance; Explosion-Proof Axial Fan; Explosion-Proof Pipe Connection Parts; Explosion-Proof Distribution Box; Explosion-Proof Motor; Explosion-Proof Control Cabinet; Explosion-Proof Sensor; Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Power Controller; Explosion-Proof Safety Barrier; Explosion-Proof Computer; Explosion-Proof Elevator; Explosion-Proof Instrument; Explosion-Proof Forklift; Explosion-Proof Touch Screen; Explosion-Proof Air Compressor; Intrinsically Safe Field Bus Intelligent Module;

Fire Safety and Emergency Equipment

Fire Equipment; Petrochemical Fire Equipment; Petrochemical Fire Engineering; Early warning Equipment; Petrochemical Fire Protection Products; Fire Extinguishing System; Chemical Safety Protection; Chemical Personal Protection; Chemical Safety Testing; Monitoring Technology and Equipment; Chemical Storage and Transportation Safety and Equipment; Monitoring Equipment; Fire Detection;

Intelligent Oil Field

Intelligent Oilfield Achievements Display; Intelligent Oilfield IOT; Intelligent Identification; Sensing; Monitoring System; Cloud Computing; Fuzzy Identification System; Oilfield Intelligent Exploration; Exploitation; Intelligent Oilfield Remote Diagnosis Technology; Industrial Automation Information Technology Software; Intelligent Oilfield Information Management System; Digital Oilfield Data Analysis; Intelligent Robot Application and Solutions; Fully Automatic Workover Robots; Applications and Overall Solutions; Industrial Robots; Intelligent Equipment; Automated Transportation; Welding Production Lines; Robotic Workstations; Intelligent Production Lines; Industrial Robots Machines and Other Robots; Robot Development Platforms and Software Technologies; Robotic Functional Parts and Components; Robotic Machine Vision; 3D Printing Technology; Instrument Materials; Electrical Systems; Human-Machine Interface Devices; Industrial Image Processing; Sensing Technology; Interface Technology and Control System