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X-Academy study forecasts 73,000 new energy jobs in the UK by 2030

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(WO) — A recent meta-study from X-Academy anticipates a surge of 73,000 jobs in the UK energy sector by 2030, contingent upon collaborative efforts between governments and industries to expedite the energy transition.

As a not-for-profit energy jobs accelerator collaborating with governments, private, and public sectors, X-Academy has conducted an extensive meta-analysis of stakeholder projections, resulting in the comprehensive energy sector-wide forecast named 'Seize the Opportunity.'

This unified forecast, derived from over 70 workforce projections, encompasses all facets of the UK energy industry, including power generation, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage. The median of these forecasts suggests a 22% growth, equivalent to 73,000 additional jobs by 2030, contingent on the level of collaboration between the government and industry.

Peter Tipler, Managing Director of X-Academy, emphasized the necessity of seizing the jobs opportunity in the global energy sector to build expertise in low carbon and renewables. He stressed the importance of employing more individuals now to ensure energy security, combat climate change, and propel a new net-zero economy.

The research underscores the potential for a further 50,000 new jobs in grid-related employment by 2030, highlighting the critical need to prioritize grid development to maximize opportunities across the energy transition.

X-Academy's report recommends eight steps to accelerate the creation of new energy jobs, including making jobs more visible, presenting the sector as an appealing and diverse workplace, and emphasizing regional contexts with lifelong career opportunities.

Established in 2021 as a not-for-profit organization, X-Academy, supported by Xodus and partners like bp and EnBW, acts as a government and industry delivery partner to expedite energy jobs. The organization, operating under the salaried program, offers professional development experiences, enabling individuals to enhance their skills through real-life projects with industry partners.

Looking ahead, X-Academy plans to target projects that unlock the talent, capability, or infrastructure of UK regions, contributing to energy security and net-zero objectives. Additionally, the organization aims to expand globally, with a program launching in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2024 and future opportunities in the UAE, Japan, and Australia. Strategic advisor Andy Samuel emphasized the urgency of seizing the energy jobs opportunity in the face of the escalating climate crisis, stressing the need for consistent policies and incentives to overcome barriers and accelerate the energy transition.