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Weekly Purchasing Info (201504)

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1. Mr. Wang from No.2 Engineering Suboffice of Sinopec Pipeline Bureau
Wants to get equipment for drilling and pipeline jointing.

2. Mr. Sun from Oil Exploration Technology Research Institute in Xinjiang
Mainly focuses on downhole equipment and technology and hopes to visit Bake Hughes, Halliburton and Schlumberger at the exhibition.

3. Mr. Zhang from Huabei Oilfield Company
Mainly concerns about pump, electric equipment and special vehicle.

4. Mr. Zhang from Exploration and Research Institute of Huabei Oilfield Company
Hopes to get much more information about foreign enterprises and new technology.

5. Mr. Ren from Sinopec Yanshan Suboffice
Mainly focuses on bearing and machinery equipment.

6. Mr. Xie from Sinopec Yanshan Suboffice
Mainly concerns about transducer and controller.

7. Mr. Fu from Daqing Oilfield Company
Mainly wants to know about oil exploration equipment and sewage-dealing products & technology.

8. Mr. Lin from Daqing Aitaike Electric Technology Co., Ltd.