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Weekly Purchasing Info (201508)

Pubdate:2017-05-02 15:09 Source:cippe Click:

1. MPM CO Mr Siavash Hosseini from Iran
Concerns about equipment for oil and gas prospection, transportation and reserve. Also longing for new technology and looking for cooperation.

2. Elemco Investment Mr BENJAMINE.OCHEREOME from Nigeria
Focuse on drilling, well-measuring technology and equipment. Hopes to collect market information and suppliers at the exhibition.

3. Thermion Corporation Mr Ninad Swar from India
Mainly wants to know about offshore platform construction and electronic equipment. Hopes to look for cooperation and investment.

4. Mr. Sheng from Shanghai Gaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Hopes to keep touch with offshore projects and companies.

5. Ms. Mei from Beijing Hezhong Huimei International Trade Co., Ltd.
Mainly focuses on trade and hopes to contact with enterprises from all over the world.