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Weekly Purchasing Info (201801)

Pubdate:2018-04-20 14:24 Source:cippe Click:
1.Mr. Wang from Dongfang Chemical Factory of Dongfang Petroleum & Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Wants to know about fittings to small machine and new technology and materials.

2.Mr. Zhang from Beijing Meigui Technology Co., Ltd.
Mainly concerns about high-temperature resistant relay.

3.Mr. Dai from Jiangsu Shuguang Huarui Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Focuses on TR dry disconnect couplings.

4.Mr. Liu from CINIC Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd.
Mainly focuses on process pump and heat exchanger.

5.Mr. You from Wuxi Zhanghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Wants to buy heat exchanger.